Pure Powders® ORGANIC P80 Chocolate Flavour 1000g


PURE POWDERS® Bio (Organic) Series – Sustainable Health & Muscle Building with Exceptional Quality „Made in Germany“

Free from Hormones (rBsT and eBgH), Pesticides, Chemicals, Genetic Engineering (GMOs), Antibiotics, Synthetic/Artificial Sweeteners, Flavours & Colours), Emulsifiers and Thickeners.

in 2018 PURE POWDERS® was founded with a clear goal and a mission. This being to provide consumers superior foodstuffs, which are 100% Organic. No exceptions. Our mission is to help support the change and future direction of mainstream farming practices that will benefit both the health of the environment and that of our customers.

Over many years, changes in the way farming is undertaken has seen the rise of Genetically Modified crops (GMOs) and the addition of Growth Hormones and Antibiotics in livestock feeds. Alongside this, large corporations have developed various Chemical Cocktails in the forms of Artificial and Natural Aromas, Flavours, Colours, Additives and Preservatives. The consumption of these products in our day to day lives has highlighted possible links too many health related issues and problems.

PURE POWDERS® is here to provide an alternative! An alternative developed with the use of 100% Organic ingredients while still providing both superior taste and quality! We source, where possible our ingredients locally to help reduce our carbon footprint along with utilising as much recyclable and sustainable materials for our product packaging!

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PURE POWDERS® ORGANIC P80 is designed to support the many requirements of strength and endurance athletes while alongside supporting those seeking weight management. ORGANIC P80 is the perfect addition for those seeking optimal recovery after sporting stress and the support of lean muscle regeneration.

Due to the fact that muscle regeneration after sporting stress spans over many hours, the ORGANIC P80’s naturally occurring whey/casein will provide a staged and long lasting supply of protein to the body.

ORGANIC P80 provides Elite nutritional values are like no other. In 100g Protein, you will find 71,2 Gram’s Protein to only 14,4 Gram’s Carbohydrates! Due to the sustained release, weight loss is also supported.

Within the ORGANIC P80 you will find also an Elite Amino Acid profile to match. With 10,3 Gram’s BCAA’s (Branched Chain Amino Acids) and 0,7 Gram’s Tryptophan you can be rest assured that Organic Protein provides Elite nutrition like no other.

Most importantly, all of this is attained through the use 100% German/EU Certified Organic ingredients.

Additionally, ORGANIC P80 is listed on the Cologne list to eliminate any doping concerns when competing at the professional level.

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